Heminway Guest House

IMG_9377The guest house at Mission Farm is available to groups and individuals who seek a place away from the pace of their every day lives. It is an ideal place for church vestries, youth groups, study groups, and others to take “time apart” for fellowship, community-building, recreation, reflection, prayer, study, and spiritual renewal. Individuals may find it a welcoming place for quiet reflection or study.

Heminway House offers:
•    Common room with a fireplace
•    Accommodations for a maximum of 16 persons in 7 sleeping rooms
•    Two bathrooms
•    Pillows, towels, sheets and a limited supply of blankets and quilts.
•    Fully equipped kitchen
•    Optional catering by the Mission Farm Bakery

Cost: We ask for a donation of $25/night/ person, with the possibility of special arrangements for large groups.

For reservations contact:
Anne Brown
P.O. Box 67, Plymouth, VT 05056
(802) 353-1182
E-mail: cosvt@vermontel.net

1 thought on “Heminway Guest House

  1. Florence Short has made a reservation for the night of Friday, June 16th, I am part of the River Group, (Norman MacLeod). I spoke to Anne Brown.


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