Mission Farm Rehabilitation Campaign 2019

Mission Farm is in its second year of a five-year rehabilitation program. Last summer, we replaced a failing cellar wall, replaced the front porch pillars and pillars to the breezeway between the vicarage and guest house. This summer, we are in the midst of replacing the clapboards on the vicarage and having the vicarage and guest house repainted the same red that has covered these buildings since the 1940s.


As of 22 July, the vicarage and guest house look gorgeous! We still are seeking donations, so scroll to the bottom of this page to the donation form. Many thanks.

3 June 2019—prior to rehabilitation work. Note the rotted clapboards and peeled-away paint from many roof dumps of ice and snow.

repairs as of 11 June—where needed, windowsills are being replaced. The south end of the house, pictured, sustained the hardest weather-damage.

11 June 2019—view from Mission Farm Road

Check out this recent article in the Mountain Times about a challenge grant we have received.


Won’t you be a part of our rehabilitation campaign? You can download the following form. [Check back for online donation capabilities.]

Whatever you give will assure completion of this summer’s project and help us toward the next goal. Many, many thanks!

Donation Form for 2019